Ticketing Services

Our agents know the ins and outs of the points and rewards systems, and have lived through the highs and lows of air travel. We’ll use our expertise to work with you through the whole booking process, ensuring you get the best prices, the easiest connections, and the most comfortable flights.

Planning a complicated trip with lots of stops? Coming back from a different airport from which you landed? Taking a family vacation where every person has different credit cards? MyPoints4Travel agents are trained to deal with just those kinds of complications. And because you can choose to work with the same agent every time, your second (or third) trip with us will be easier than the first, because we’ll know your likes and dislikes.

  • $200 / passenger for one-way or roundtrip award bookings
  • $100 / passenger for additional flights on an itinerary
  • $100 / passenger for cancellations of an itinerary

Credit Card Consulation

Points and reward systems are complex by nature, and sometimes seem designed to be confusing. Our expert agents will help you maximize your points based on your current spending habits. We can even help jump-start your balances by pointing you towards new cards with excellent sign-up bonuses. Combine this with our award booking services and you may find that just by maintaining your current spending habits, you are closer to the trip of your dreams than you imagined possible.

  • $200 / person

Additional Services

We offer more than just the listed services. In addition to our award booking and credit card consultancy, we offer some services that don’t fall neatly into those categories. Check back here periodically for special offers. Have an idea for another type of rewards-related travel service? Feel free to get in touch!

    • $100 / passenger Additional paid/non-award flight booking
    • $100 / passenger Award flight cancellation: miles re-deposited and airline taxes refunded, not inclusive of airline cancellation fee
    • $1,000 / couple Newly engaged couple credit card consultation to maximize points earning from wedding expenses and honeymoon roundtrip award booking combination